Personal development

Think about the opinions you get from friends, family, business acquaintances and even social media. It can be valuable, but ….? Imagine the impact of working with a non-judgmental coach with deep background in helping you stare down your challenges, and say, “Make my day.” Leslie, through wisdom and compassion, will guide you or you and your partner through communication that will help you see a clear path forward, and act on it. Leslie helps individuals and partners with:


Individual and Couples Coaching

Gaining outside perspective and coaching can be critical to life satisfaction and clear guidelines for moving forward. Think of Leslie as a guide for clarifying your own perspective and desired outcomes.  

Refine Purpose and Vision

Identifying your true purpose is key to success. It allows you to take steps to align your life and actions to more effectively fulfill your vision. Is your life leading you, or are you leading it? Leslie can help you identify what may be holding you back from identifying your true purpose and get you on a path to realizing your full potential.

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Career Development

You spend too much time at work for it not to be fulfilling - serving the greater good, supporting your family, leading a team, and more. Leslie helps you envision your true goal, identify what’s standing in your way of totally rocking your career and see how to kick those roadblocks to the curb. 

Conflict Resolution

You want to make a change, but don’t quite know how. Leslie can help you get to the core of the true conflict and identify clear steps to address and move past what is stopping you from living your fullest life.