Team development

Humans. They are a wonderful mix of brilliant insights, yet seemingly shallow disputes; emotional outbursts, and immeasurable kindness; productivity trenches, but also incredible outcomes. Leslie can work with your teams to strengthen your human capital, to help create or improve a place where complicated, bright people are productive, communicative, feel valued, are heard and work as teams.
Work with Leslie on:


Teambuilding, Development & Chartering

Teams that gain even one member or lose a member are considered new teams. Work with Leslie to help any new team start off right, create alignment and stay on course. 

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Conflict Resolution

Companies built on diverse perspectives and backgrounds are the strongest companies, but they come with challenges – communication, decision-making, emotions, and complex dynamics. Leslie can help your team integrate powerful tools to harness the potential of this diversity of thought as well as address conflict head-on.


Team Communication

Communication can both solve and strain situations – depending on how effective it is. Leslie can help teams learn more about their own, and others’, communication styles. This way, messages are received as intended, productivity rises and communications become the key, not a barrier, to team success.


Cross-team Collaboration

While company goals are the same, each team carries its own brand of communications and problem-solving. Sometimes, blending two teams (or more) can cause friction. Start off right and bring Leslie in to help the teams work best together, for the best outcomes.