Organizational Development

Are you building a company culture? Do you want to develop better people processes for getting to point A to point B? Do you have an impressively knowledgeable and creative team, but don’t quite know how to blend their talents for the best possible outcome? There is so much opportunity here! 

Leslie Copland Leadership sees only potential in organizational change, and together, you and Leslie will build a program to meet your particular goals. Some of Leslie’s offerings include:


Strategic Planning

Getting started is often the hardest part of planning. Where to begin? How to begin? Who’s involved? How do we reach our goal? Inviting an outside consultant to lead your session provides an impartial, insightful objective, to help you get the results you need. And, it can be fun! Leslie will lead an engaging, interactive and participative sessions for team members, resulting in excitement around a common goal and clear outcomes. 


Cultural Evolution and Ecology

We are in radical times of complex growth and change. In an environment of such shifts, culture is critical as it grounds your team and sets the stage for true teamwork and innovation. Leverage the head, heart and backbone of your business and make the most of your team by developing a compelling culture with big payoffs in greater team effectiveness and employee engagement.  


Customized Services

There are always challenges. And then there are opportunities that are masquerading as challenges that need to be seized right away. Don’t let these issues wait. Whichever you have coming down the pike, Leslie can help you navigate your team through the rough waters, seeing opportunity where some may not, and unearthing challenges that could be hidden. She’ll work with you to develop the best program to address your current challenge or opportunity, and create a long-lasting solution for future success.