Our Approach

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity … the challenges that exist in companies, can lead to anxiety, stress and dysfunction, preventing teams from doing their best work and causing leaders to spend less time, well, leading.   


Leslie’s training, consulting and facilitation addresses all of these issues, with four key approaches:

Authenticity: By bringing all of herself to her work with you, Leslie creates a safe environment for you and your team to express your most authentic selves. This opens up unmatched pathways of communication and productivity. Each facilitation session is crafted specifically for you and your team’s unique needs.

Collaboration: Leslie builds her programs with you to ensure you exceed your business goals. Her ego – poof – out the door. She wants to learn your needs and objectives, so she can help you achieve results.

Accountability: Theory is a great place to start, but action is where the real change happens. Leslie works with clients to be responsible for their own achievements, and moves teams to higher levels of productivity.

Total Health: Leslie works with teams to support organizational health, moving from areas of dysfunction or challenge to optimal effectiveness.

Yes, I know! You want all of these things! Leslie’s credentials aren’t bad either – See her bio