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Leslie is about people – they are her drive, her reason for getting up in the morning. And she knows, like we all do deep down, that life is better when our work is more productive, our energies are spent in the right places and we are free to unleash our awesomeness.

“Yes, Leslie, this all sounds absolutely great. But we have goals to reach!” Your needs are unique, and Leslie’s blend of facilitation, business acumen and laser focus on your (individual or company’s) needs ensures a final outcome of individual and organizational productivity and success that locks in step with your strategy and goals. 

And now for some impressive credentials …

In her most recent work at Waggener Edstrom, now WE Communications, Leslie’s 15 years of work as VP of Organizational Development and Learning helped people “stretch and grow in ways they never thought possible.” She also served as Director of Organizational Development at IBM.


Leslie has always focused on educational opportunities that lead to greater understanding of human dynamics and their leadership potential. She has a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle and participated in Adaptive Leadership courses at Harvard University and in MIT’s Theory U.

Leslie is a believer in the power of assessment tools to help individuals and groups learn more about themselves, opening up avenues for communication and productivity. To this end, Leslie is certified in robust, and easy to implement, assessment tools – Insights Discovery Assessments, Hogan Assessments, Executive Leadership and Management 360s, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and more.

A traveler, art aficionado and exercise enthusiast, Leslie lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Marc, who is also in the field of leadership consulting and transformational education, and their terrier, Woofie.  She also thrives through her pro bono work with nonprofit organizations.

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